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JOVA Points


Introducing JOVA Points, our new & improved loyalty program! Earn points every time you shop with us. Points never expire and can be redeemed for any product at any time. In addition, loyalty members gain access to exclusive deals and events. 


Already a loyalty member? Your points aren’t going anywhere! 


What is it?

The Linx card is a reloadable and transferable debit or gift card. The premier card payment method for your legal cannabis purchases.

How does it work?

The Linx card works like a reloadable and transferable debit or gift card that can be used at any Linx authorized location. By using any one of your existing credit or debit cards, you load funds onto your Linx card to pay for a single purchase, or up to the daily limit of $500 for future purchases. (There is a $3 fee when you add funds to your Linx card, but never at redemption.)


When can I use the Linx card?

Right now! Join the Linx network today; there is no application or waiting period. You can get your Linx card at any dispensary in the Linx network, just tell your budtender you’d like to pay with your card and they’ll give you a Linx card you can use each time you come back. Your budtender can load the card for you each time you shop, or you can load the card from home at

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